“You Have Arrived.”

Cruising with some of my grandkids, headed to the quilt shop (of course)!

I chuckle whenever my GPS lands me at my destination declaring, “You have arrived.”

“Why, yes I have!” I exclaim only to that inanimate object.

That’s how I feel these days as I recently chose to retire from education administration to pursue my creative passions and move to Bend, Oregon. Although I was surprised when I finally made this decision, my family and friends? Well… not so much. “Of course you should do this for a living,” they said,  “You have always loved to create and love people!”

It is meant to be.

This first post sets me on an exciting journey where I hope to get to know fellow quilters and learn with and from them. I hope to enhance your quilts with my longarm style and leave you with a smile.

I am giddy to have arrived in this place and cannot wait to see where this journey leads.

Happy quilting!

Heidi (a.k.a “Sugarplum”)

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