What is the Measurement of a _____ Size Quilt?

I had someone ask me the size of a typical queen size quilt. I wasn’t sure because I make them various sizes depending on how long the customer wants the quilt to hang over the side of the mattress. I decided to search for it. If you have never searched for the size of a quilt, don’t. It is an exercise in insanity as you are directed to an infinite number of companies that sell bedspreads and/or links to more links. Somewhere in the abyss of searches, I found a link http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/how-to-quilt/quilting-basics/standard-quilt-sizes-how-to-measure-and-determine-size

Their chart was quite useful. Add the drop on either side for the full measurement. Examples are given in 10″ drops on either side of the bed.

Lap quilt: Usually about 60×65 (no drops added because you snuggle with it on your lap)

Crib: 23 x 46 (no drops added because it fits on the mattress top)

Twin bed: Usually about 59 x 85

Queen bed: 80 x 90

King bed: 96 x 90

California King (more narrow, but longer than a King): 92 X 94


Take that, Google! 🙂


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Heidi (a.k.a. Sugarplum)

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