My sisters Renee, Paulette and I are avid quilters. We each have our own style. Renee (in purple) loves pink and soft colors. Paulette (center) is into modern quilts. I tend toward piecing high contrast colors. Several times a year we visit each other’s craft rooms with a plethora of projects at various stages of completion. When we get together, we can’t wear mascara because within minutes we laugh so hard, it is soon running down our face. I won’t […]


{back to services & pricing} Edge-to-Edge 2 cents per square inch. Same design throughout. Options include swirls, large flowers, large geometric designs or other pattern that matches your quilt/fabric. Here are some examples of Edge-to-Edge Quilting: Plum Modest (Edge to Edge and Sashing/Border design)  2.2 cents to 2.4 cents per square inch. More than one design incorporated. Design may be more dense. Plum Proud (At least three different designs in blocks and complimentary sashing and border design).  2.5 cents to […]


{back to services & pricing} Step 1: Measure the width and length of your quilt top. Multiply the width by the length to determine the square inches. (ex. 45″ x 54″ = 2430 square inches) Step 2: Determine which style you prefer (See Edge-to-Edge and Custom sections). Step 3: Calculate the batting and backing sizes. Add 3 inches on each side (i.e. 3″ top, 3″ bottom, 3″ right, 3″ left) to your quilt for batting and backing. (Note: Batting provided […]