My sisters Renee, Paulette and I are avid quilters. We each have our own style. Renee (in purple) loves pink and soft colors. Paulette (center) is into modern quilts. I tend toward piecing high contrast colors. Several times a year we visit each other’s craft rooms with a plethora of projects at various stages of completion. When we get together, we can’t wear mascara because within minutes we laugh so hard, it is soon running down our face. I won’t mention other laughing side effects that have made themselves known as we age. 😉 We enjoy learning from each other, always departing with more stories and quilting techniques to try at home.

This photo was taken at the Sisters Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon in 2017. Renee (in purple) created this wall hanging of a house for each of us. Awwww. Wasn’t that sweet?

Until next time…

Heidi (a.k.a. Sugarplum)

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