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Step 1: Measure the width and length of your quilt top. Multiply the width by the length to determine the square inches. (ex. 45″ x 54″ = 2430 square inches)

Step 2: Determine which style you prefer (See Edge-to-Edge and Custom sections).

Step 3: Calculate the batting and backing sizes. Add 3 inches on each side (i.e. 3″ top, 3″ bottom, 3″ right, 3″ left) to your quilt for batting and backing. (Note: Batting provided at cost, if requested.)

Step 4: Mail or bring your quilt, backing and batting to me. I will provide the mailing address once we confirm your order. After I receive your quilt top, backing and batting, I will let you know whether or not there are additional costs involved. Added costs would include extras such as expedited quilting services, significant thread trimming and/or securing loose stitches.

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