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Quilt Repair

Sometimes quilts get warn out or are left unfinished. If you have a quilt that needs some care, please email me with an image of your quilt and your request. Costs will depend on the complexity of the work.


If you dislike binding, let me know and I will bind your quilt by hand. See details in the pricing section.

Special Occasion Quilts

The sky is the limit on this one! I have made quilts from a mama’s own baby clothes for her newborn baby, a quilt out of a wedding dress, and many quilts out of the clothing of a deceased family member. Do you have your child’s sport jerseys from years of playing or a collection of concert tees that you don’t know what to do with? Let me turn your collection into a fantastic quilt! (Note: I do not pre-wash special occasion fabric, so as to maintain the original scent/stains/character of the fabric and its original wearer. If you would like it to be washed, please let me know.)

Here are some examples of my special occasion quilts:

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