Mr. Cellophane

I love the movie Chicago. It is one of my favorites. No wonder I started humming the song, Mr. Cellophane, on my way home from the fabric store after purchasing one of the coolest longarm tools I have seen lately; cellophane.

Have you tried this stuff? You lay the cellophane on your quilt or other surface of choice. Be sure to put something like scrap batting on each side of the cellophane if using this directly on your quilt. I got mine from QuiltWorks The owner, Marilyn, showed me this slick trick.

Take a permanent marker and start drawing your design. Don’t lift the pen. Keep drawing in a continuous motion. Go over it again and again if needed to get that movement imbedded into your quilty brain. This is a great way to try out designs on your actual quilts or on printed quilt patterns. The cellophane is removed before quilting.

Unlike the lyrics, “…you can look right through me. Walk right by me. Never know I’m there…” we want our lovely quilts and quilting to be noticed.

Happy quilting! Until next time…

Heidi (a.k.a. Sugarplum)

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