Heartbeat of the Artists

You know those moments when you wonder if your quilting or piecing is “good enough”? Maybe you had a little squiggle that only you can see, but is seems as blaring as your baby crying during a cermony?

As I quilted this piece yesterday (you will see the line straight across the center feather frond), I was suddenly reminded of a statement from a friend years ago that finds its way to the front of my memory drawer now and then.


I had just completed a Ukrainian egg. This egg decorating technique is done on fresh chicken eggs, yolk and all, batik style. Wax covers the colors you want to keep as you dip into the next color dye. Once the wax touches the egg, there is no going back. I remember early on when I had squiggles here and there as I tried to steady my hand. I lamented over this with an artistic friend. He said to me, “Heidi. That is the heartbeat of the artist. It shows that a human being created this beautiful work of art.” Ah, thanks Tom. I will always remember his words of wisdom.

Whether stressing over perfectly matched points or barely visible backtracking, remember that we are human, heartbeat and all.


Thank you for visiting.

Heidi (a.k.a. Sugarplum)

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