{back to services & pricing} Edge-to-edge quilting is the most cost-effective longarm quilting option. Options include: looping, stippling, ribbons, flowers and swirls. This type of quilting is done throughout the quilt surface with a single design covering your piece, including the border and sashing. Here are examples of edge-to-edge quilts that I have created:

custom longarm quilting

BACK TO SERVICES & PRICING Custom long-arm quilting varies in complexity. Options include: Plum Basic: Edge-t0-edge with custom borders. Plum Medium: Single, repeated design in each block and sashing to compliment the block design.             Plum Fancy: At least three different custom or ruler-based block designs and border designs.


{back to services & pricing} Quilt Repair Sometimes quilts get warn out or are left unfinished. If you have a quilt that needs some care, please email me with an image of your quilt and your request. Costs will depend on the complexity of the work. Binding If you dislike binding, let me know and I will bind your quilt by hand. See details in the pricing section. Special Occasion Quilts The sky is the limit on this one! I […]


{back to services & pricing}     Ukrainian Eggs $10.00 for each egg* $12.00 for egg with stand or ornament attachment. Small bowl or plate of eggs is $10.00 plus $10.00 per egg. *Shipping and handling costs will vary depending on the quantity ordered. I have quilt block-inspired designs. Please specify if you would like a quilt-related design. Feel free to send me a photo of the design if you prefer.


{back to services & pricing} Edge-to-Edge 2 cents per square inch. Same design throughout. Options include swirls, large flowers, large geometric designs or other pattern that matches your quilt/fabric. Here are some examples of Edge-to-Edge Quilting: Plum Modest (Edge to Edge and Sashing/Border design)  2.2 cents to 2.4 cents per square inch. More than one design incorporated. Design may be more dense. Plum Proud (At least three different designs in blocks and complimentary sashing and border design).  2.5 cents to […]


{back to services & pricing} Step 1: Measure the width and length of your quilt top. Multiply the width by the length to determine the square inches. (ex. 45″ x 54″ = 2430 square inches) Step 2: Determine which style you prefer (See Edge-to-Edge and Custom sections). Step 3: Calculate the batting and backing sizes. Add 3 inches on each side (i.e. 3″ top, 3″ bottom, 3″ right, 3″ left) to your quilt for batting and backing. (Note: Batting provided […]