Here’s where I came from:

My twin brother and I share almost the same birthdate as the Seattle Space Needle and grew up in Western Washington. From an early age, I knew that I wanted to be a manager/leader and work with kids and adults. I taught elementary school up to 6th grade, was a Behavior Intervention Specialist and Elementary Principal and Federal/State Program Director. In June, 2017, I decided to end my education career that started 31 years ago and pursue my own business.

I am married, have two children, three step-children and seven grandchildren. I love to create and work with fabric.

 My husband Joel and I recently moved to Bend, Oregon for the next phase of life’s journey. He will often chide that this is the first time he bought a house because of the craft room! He should have known, right?


Here’s where I’m going:

I can’t get enough of quilting! Often when I called home to talk to my mother in the early years, my father would joke that my mom, also a quilter, was being crazy again, “Cuttin’ up pieces and puttin’ them back together.”

 I caught the sewing bug as a child and rekindled that passion as an adult. Sugarplum is the nickname one of my older brothers gave me. He is the one sitting behind the black cat on the stairwell. Sadly, he passed in the early 70s. We were visited by a mourning dove a few months after he died. The name and the bird remain special to me to this day.


 So who am I, really?

I dug through my keepsakes last night and found my coveted “Miss Congeniality” certificate buried under local fair ribbons for arts and crafts. Remember Sandra Bullock’s character in those movies? She stood up against the bullies and secretly wanted peace in the world. She didn’t go for the whole pageant thing with pretty makeup and figure enhancing clothes. One of my favorite “kids will say the darndest things” moments as an elementary principal was when a frequent flyer to my office introduced me to a new student adding, “She’s nice, but she means it.”  That’s what you get from me. I’m nice, I care about people and love the art that surrounds us in nature and in people, but I’m not into fluff. I admire quality work and have perfectionist tendencies while also letting my imagination go free. I can hear my daughter laughing at the word tendencies as I write this. Tendencies Mom? More like always.

That’s the type of quality you will get from my work as a quilter and a person. If you want your quilt to be treated with the respect it deserves, come on over, let’s chat.

“Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time.”

Glad you’re here,
Heidi @sugarplumquilts